Monday, November 12, 2012

A little Halloween, A little Christmas

(Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about Thanksgiving!)

Here is a recap of our Halloween. I think Sydney has had some pretty awesome costumes for her three Halloweens so far, and Collin is off to a great start! I loved their dog and cat ensemble this year.

Of course, when trick-or-treating was over, we returned home to the awful news about Randall's mother. I like to think that she would love knowing her grandbabies were out having a fun time on what turned out to be a terribly sad day.

Sydney liked to be escorted close to the door, but then she would knock/ring/accept candy on her own. Maybe by next year she'll be like all the other crazy kids running all over, wishing her parents would just leave her alone!This picture looks like our neighborhood was deserted, but there were kids everywhere. We just got an early start :)

Jumping forward and skipping a holiday or two, yesterday we learned that Santa was going to be part of a Humane Society fundraiser not far from our house. We thought this was the perfect opportunity to see if Santa was going to be considered naughty or nice by our kids this year. They love him! Sydney told him all about the princess baby doll she hopes he will bring her (now we must find one of those.) Collin didn't really care about it one way or another, but at least there were no tears. Can't wait to get them dressed all cute for a real visit to Santa (preferably with a nicer backdrop!) closer to the holiday.

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  1. They are the cutest dog and cat EVER! Seriously, they looked just adorable. And I love the Santa pictures too. We'll be taking Jade to see Santa soon, hopefully, and I am almost positive it will not go well. :)