Monday, September 17, 2012


Sydney has a best friend - Elizabeth. These two girls play together all day every day at their Montessori school. Elizabeth's parents both work on campus, too, though we didn't know each other, so we finally put it all together and linked up for a play date at their house Friday after school. These girls had a ball, and we didn't get home until 10:30! When we arrived, the two little blondies shrieked like teenagers at a Justin Bieber concert. Sydney's shy personality was nowhere to be found. They played and played and played, watched TV, ate snacks and played some more. They always went to the bathroom at the same time, and they put their dolls in time out and disciplined them. It was funny to hear how similarly they speak, much of the language they've picked up from their teachers. And it was extra cute that they kept getting mixed up because Elizabeth's dad's name is Sidney! Anytime her mom addressed him, my Sydney came running. :)

Since we are moving to Charlotte in a few short weeks, Sydney has been asking if Elizabeth will be at her new school. It's heartbreaking. I actually cried Friday night because I know they won't grow up to be friends. I know she will make another best friend quickly, but we will always remember Elizabeth as her first sweet and adorable BFF! We will have more play dates before moving time arrives, I'm sure.

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  1. Wow sweet, adorable, and sad. They really are super cute! I am sure they will move on and be perfectly fine, but it's hard when they are sad and miss their best friend. Good luck!