Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sitting Pretty (and belated 5 month update!)

Collin has been getting lots of sitting practice lately. It's obvious how proud he is of himself and how proud his big sister is, too. She cheers him on, and he responds to her encouragement. Melts my heart. Seriously, that face!!

It's hard to believe Collin is already over 5 months old. He will be sitting on his own in no time. He has also become a pro eater! So far, he's had oatmeal (with different fruits mixed in), peas (not a favorite), sweet potatoes, bananas, apples and carrots (loves all of those). I think next we'll try peaches or green beans. I send some food to school and then do something else in the evening most days. I'm not making his food like I did with Sydney since there simply is not as much time now. But, we're buying the most natural options available, so at least it's close! He doesn't seem to mind :)

The other milestone was giving up the swaddle for nighttime sleeping. We swaddled Sydney til she was at least 6 months old, but Collin is significantly bigger and stronger than she was at this stage, so it became obvious it was time to give it up. He's sleeping even better swaddle-free, and seems very happy to be out in the open! We did have to buy some new sleepers now that he's not covered at all, and he is all the way into the 6-9 and 9 month sizes. We put him down after his last bottle (awake) each night between 7 and 7:30, and he puts himself to sleep. We don't see him again until 6ish. Sweet, sweet baby. He's happy. He's a chunk. And he loves his mommy, daddy and sister to pieces.

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  1. I'm glad things are going well. He sounds like a pretty awesome baby!