Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sydney Drew Turned TWO!

Was it really two years ago when we said hello to this little angel?
Apparently it was, and it's just mind-boggling! We celebrated Sydney's 2nd birthday Dec. 30, and the celebration pretty much started Christmas Eve and I'm not sure it has ended yet. Just this week, she came home asking for presents --- hmmm, need to work on that.
Sydney's big gift from us was an outdoor cottage/playhouse and it has been a hit! The un-winter-like weather we've had has also made it possible for her to use it a lot - both on the deck and out in the yard.
(She begged me to get in, and that was challenging enough. Getting out was quite the picture, I'm sure!)

We decided against having a traditional party since Sydney is overwhelmed by a lot of our friends coming over at once, and we didn't feel like she was old enough (or we were brave enough) to start having her school friends over, but we still had several visitors over a few days' time, and it worked out great. Sydney had a blast. Several of our out-of-town family/friends sent gifts too, so she was just as spoiled as you can imagine.
Loving the new ponytail!
Sticker books were a big hit!
Fortunately, our friends were smart and asked if we wanted a family picture, so we got this one right before she went to bed on her actual birthday.
The only other birthday touch was a bit of Dora the Explorer - Sydney's current obsession. She won't touch sweets, but we got cupcakes/cake for anyone who stopped by. They were so good; that girl's missin' out! We also got balloons, and the Mylar ones are still thriving. I think I may say farewell to them tonight. ;-) We see more than enough Dora on a regular basis; I need her not hanging out in my kitchen day in and day out. Ha!
Our sweet little baby is now such a little girl. She has moments where I think she seems five and other times she has a total toddler meltdown and I'm reminded she's still just little. I think she will seem soooo big when we welcome Collin into our lives in less than two weeks! I'll leave you with this video of her playing in her cottage for the first time.


  1. Happy Birthday Syddy-Wyddy!!!!! xoxo, Jimi

  2. So cute! My favorite pic is the one of Sydney smiling through the window in the cottage/house!

  3. She is so, so cute. I can't believe she doesn't like sweets! I wish I was like that!