Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Whole Half a Year

Sydney is six months old, and it's like a switch flipped and she is suddenly such a big girl! Here's a photo from the morning of her six month birthday - June 30, 2010. She is so proud of her sitting skills these days.
That same evening, I was folding clothes in the living room and put down a quilt on the floor for her to play. I was busy with my chores, and the next thing I know, Sydney is hanging out on her back, GLUED to the TV (Never Been Kissed was on). At least she has good taste in movies :)
Last night, we went out to dinner and they didn't have the typical wooden highchairs that fit the carseat carrier. So, we figured she's been sitting up so well lately, let's try it out. This really "grew her up" --- it's the little changes and developmental milestones that make your head spin. I just hated I didn't have her stylish high chair cover with me!!
Quick update on Sydney's food exploration. She has had sweet potatoes, green peas and applesauce. This morning, I've been getting carrots and avocado ready to add to the mix. We get the sense she will like whatever we give her, and it's fun to see her facial expressions when she recognizes a new flavor. Here's the post-food processor/pre-freezing step in this morning's process. I enjoy making the food, and I really enjoy the pennies saved :) YUM!


  1. She is soooo cute! I hope your mom will let me give Sydney a squeeze when she comes in August! :)

  2. Thanks! I know she will! You'll probably see them a lot on walks :)