Saturday, July 10, 2010

Swaddle Me? Swaddle Free!

Sydney is officially swaddle-free (finally). She started napping some without being swaddled at daycare, so we decided to give it a shot overnight, and it worked. Now, we put her to bed awake — unless she drifts off during her last bottle — with her pacifier and she falls asleep on her own. This is a photo I just took of her during an early morning nap. She prefers sleeping on her tummy or side with one leg bent. She was about to outgrow her overnight swaddle, and we were already in the larger size, so this was a necessary change :)
(Little does she know we're heading to the pool when she wakes up.)
Side note: We introduced her sixth food last night, green beans, and it was another hit. So far, she has liked five out of six foods - avocado got a big "no" from the taste buds! Next up? Bananas.

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