Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Today, Sydney and I visited the daycare she will begin attending March 22 (after Randall's mom leaves). By then, I will have been back at work three weeks and, hopefully, taking things one transition at a time will be helpful. The teacher/student ratio at her school is lower than the state limit, and we fell in love with it after visiting last May when we got on the waiting list.

I loved it just as much today.

The ladies in the infant rooms are fabulous; they have been there 15+ years and they are about my mom's age, if not a little older. They LOVE their babies, and it is obvious. I was there 2+ hours, and they know so much about the kids....it made me feel good that they will know everything about Sydney that I was/am so worried about them NOT knowing. I have no doubt that after a couple of days, she will be like one of the family. The love they have for the kids combined with the focus on academics and independence makes this the right choice for us.

Does this help me feel better about leaving her? Not really. Sure, I am thrilled that we're able to provide a daycare experience for our daughter that we feel very good about...even if it does mean cutting back in less important areas. However, I have loved being home with her each day. I always said I could never be a stay-at-home mom. I'm still certain that is not the path meant for me, but I am 100% sure I will miss my baby girl all day long.

Randall said he thinks about Sydney 45 minutes out of every hour that he is at work.

It's amazing how a little person can forever change you and your priorities. It is the best gift, and my hope for every person who wishes to be a parent is that their dream comes true.

Here is a picture of our first kiss. Here's to a lifetime of kisses!

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