Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Baby timeline

Today was an exciting day for us. First of all, my doctor is fabulous and I've become so attached to her over the past months. She asked today if we were interested in inducing labor if baby girl has not arrived in the next week. I haven't made a ton of progress with dilation, and she said there's just no reason to wait unless we are opposed to being induced. One key thing about being induced is that we can plan (right up my alley) and we are certain our doctor can be there to deliver...something I really hoped for! Of course, she could come sooner, but the doc doesn't anticipate that. So, unless that happens, we are to arrive at the hospital at 5 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 30, and get ready to have our little girl. The doc says from her experience, best guess is our daughter will arrive mid to late afternoon. It is crazy to think we will be kissing our daughter in seven days or less.

I looked around the house tonight and thought about all the ways our lives will never be the the best way possible. So the countdown begins...

On another note, tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and our friend Rachel is spending the evening with us. We'll save all the present opening for Friday morning and then spend time on the phone with each of our parents & siblings. Not being in Virginia isn't easy, but knowing our chain of visitors will be starting very soon helps a lot. I'm officially off work now until March 1 (woohoo!!). Randall does have to work tomorrow, but then will be off for Christmas Day and the weekend. He's taking a week off once the baby arrives, and then my mom will be here right after that. Maybe we'll have some of this parenting stuff figured out before she gets here!

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