Monday, October 7, 2013

Peanut Festival Fun

In late September, we traveled to our hometown for the 51st Virginia Peanut Festival. I had not been home for this event in many years, and I must say, we had a ball. Not only did my mom have all her kids and grandkids together - a rare thing these days - but we caught up with old friends and really enjoyed seeing the kids have fun.

We started that Saturday with a 5K "race" --- a term I use loosely since our family pushing the double jogger came in dead last. I, technically, was dead last. It was pretty sad, but then again, no one else was pushing a total of 65 lbs in a stroller :)

We then changed clothes and went to the parade. It's so nice that we can walk from my mom's house to all the activities --- the parade, the rides, the crafts - it's all right there. Collin danced and danced at the parade. I think he may join the band when he's older. The drum line was calling his name!

I love this photo of Sydney and Collin with their cousin, Aidan. Stealing goldfish is an important stage of every relationship :)

We then went over to the petting zoo/craft area and then the rides. Because she was a tad too short, Randall had to pay off a carny so Syd could do the big slide by herself, but it was totally worth it. She loved it! I

It was really awesome to have the whole gang together, and I look forward to getting everyone together again sometime during the holidays, and definitely for my mom's 60th birthday in January. And what would the Peanut Festival be without a little Peanut LOVE?!

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