Friday, December 14, 2012

Random cuties

I haven't done a post since the recap of our Thanksgiving. Shameful! I promise to do better going into the holidays and then the kids' birthdays! In the meantime, here are some cute photos that don't fit into a blog post by themselves, really, but they are precious and worth sharing.

Our visit with Santa went GREAT. We did a trial run as you'll see a few posts ago (on a 70+ degree day in a parking lot, but whatev). It was the perfect way to gear up for the real deal at the mall. I love how this picture turned out! Sydney's smile is a bit hesitant, and Collin looks a little confused, but I think they liked him. I wish you could see the cute reindeer on Collin's shirt, but that's OK. This is a picture I took of the over-priced pictures we bought. :)

Sydney is consistent in her present request - a princess baby doll. I'm kind of ignoring the baby part, but I did get her a lovely doll - Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She doesn't realize that she can request things way cooler than that, so I think her big gift - this trampoline - is really going to surprise her. I imagine "princess baby" will suddenly become a thing of the past.

Last weekend, Randall had to go to Virginia to settle some of his mom's affairs, and he took Sydney with him. She had a great time at Grandma and Pop's house! She also loves going there to see all the pets. That is... two dogs, a turtle, a cat, and two birds. I think this fella is her favorite. I spent those days with Collin, and Corey's girlfriend Emma came down to join us for some shopping and hanging out. It was so easy with one kid, but of course I was ready for them to get home. Non-craziness isn't recognizable to me anymore.

The last random photo is from a couple of nights ago. They are still loving taking baths together, and poor Collin lets Sydney pretty much use him as a toy. It's cute and sad all at the same time. Ha! They both splash like maniacs and laugh their heads off. I love it, even if the bath-giver (and the whole bathroom) winds up soaking wet, too. She still calls him "my baby Collin" and I think it's so funny that she has no idea he's going to be WAY bigger than her in no time. For now, she can pretend she's in charge. Usually they are at opposite ends facing each other, but Randall caught this photo and it perfectly illustrates her caregiver ways.

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