Sunday, December 18, 2011

Quick pic catch-up

Sydney loves my many scarves, and we're always finding new ways for her to wear them so she isn't falling all over the place. This is Randall's latest idea and it's so stinkin cute.
Yesterday, we had a very busy day (after Sydney woke up at 10:45!) and beautiful weather to go with it. We did a little shopping and spent a lot of time playing at a park in a neighboring city - which is also right next to their library so we stopped in and got a few things there, too. I just love pics of  her playing at the park. It was busy with kids (big, rough kids), but she was less shy than normal and jumped right in. I'm laughing because these pictures make it look empty, so you'll just have to take my word for it.
After we grabbed a quick dinner, our plan was to ride around and look at Christmas lights (or yights, as Sydney says), but she was so exhausted, she slept through it. We'll go again Friday or Saturday evening right when it gets dark so she won't be as tired. Randall and I still enjoyed it, though!!
Speaking of our little sleeper, it's 9 a.m. and she's snoozing away. She really does catch up/save up on the weekends. She only has two days of school this week, so I'm looking forward to lots of time with her very soon!!

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