Sunday, August 21, 2011

Parks and Utensils

What do parks and utensils have in common? Sydney loves both!

Saturday morning, I got some video of Sydney eating with her spoon. I know kids start using utensils (regularly) at very different ages, so for Sydney, it's been a part of her routine for about a month. She MUST have a spoon on her tray, and even if the items don't call for a spoon, she picks up each piece, puts it on the spoon, and then eats it. Utensil usage is not always a neat experience, but I like that she's into being independent! Here's a video from yesterday morning.

After breakfast, we decided to get in some time at the park while Randall was golfing. We stayed until we were both sweaty and ready for a nap!
I also did some great shopping yesterday....first at Kohl's with Sydney (who was so good, she even let me try a few things on her!) and then in the afternoon with my friend at a consignment sale....the one I've mentioned before that happens a couple of times a year. I got lots of great fall/winter items for the little lady, so maybe we'll actually get some fall weather in the not-so-distant future!! A girl can hope...

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