Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fifteen and focused

 Sydney is 15 months and five days old --- how is that possible, you ask? We have no idea. She is such a big girl these days and keeps us on our toes! One of the traits I love about Sydney is her focus and determination. Whether she is doing puzzles, matching shapes, doing motions to a song or helping me get her dressed, she is always extremely focused on the task at hand. I hope that trait sticks, and that she is always a determined little girl! Here's a video that captures a tiny illustration of this characteristic. This was going on at least a minute before I was able to sneak the camera. I appreciate how she rarely gets frustrated; she just keeps at it, successful or not.
In other news, Sydney and I had a wonderful mommy/daughter weekend while Randall went to Texas with seven friends for a golf weekend. These crazy guys played 72 holes of golf in just two days! I understand there was also karaoke, beer and participation trophies, but I don't ask too many questions ;-) Here's a picture of the group.
This coming weekend, Randall will have quality time with Sydney while I go to Texas, ironically enough, to help one of our close friends find a new apartment so she'll be all set for her upcoming relocation. While we are enjoying the weekend on her company's dime (woohoo!), we decided to fit in a concert - Lady Gaga here we come! We're trying to remember that the focus of the trip is to find her a place to live, but it's hard to think about deposits and square footage when Gaga is involved. (To be clear, we paid for our own concert tickets - ha!)

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