Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quality Time & SNOW!

This week is kind of a repeat of last week, except with a LOT more of the fluffy white stuff --- 18 inches of it at our house! I ventured out this morning to take a few shots. If I went up and down my driveway in this crazy snow a bunch of times, it would probably be equivalent to a decent workout on the treadmill, but a lot more fun.
Sydney was created to be an awesome snow day baby, I think! She woke up this morning at 9:00, and she is so great at entertaining herself, taking naps, and just enjoying the day. I think we've read almost every book we own, but we are managing to stay busy and it really is such a treat to have so much time with my little gal. I took this first picture as soon as I heard her making noise this morning. I wish I could always let her sleep as long as she wanted!
And here is my snow bunny after I got her dressed, before she enjoyed her breakfast. I don't think I know how to work a full week anymore. Working a couple days and then being off a few days is much more my style :-)
Randall, of course, has worked every day, and that is the only thing I would change about having these days at home. I know he would agree!!

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