Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo - baby style

Instead of celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a margarita or two, Sydney had her four-month check-up that sadly included more shots. We found out her updated stats today: 13 lbs. 8 oz. (50th percentile) 24 inches long (40th percentile) and a 16.5" circumference head (75th percentile).

I took off the rest of the day with her because I didn't love the idea of taking her back to daycare post-shots. Here's how we both spent the afternoon:
I just woke up and she is still sleeping. I hope she wakes up soon so we can fit in a walk...we are having such beautiful weather this week!

Also in honor of her four-month-aversary (and perhaps in response to my last entry) Sydney decided to roll over Sunday from tummy to back!!! We cheered like the Hogs had just won a national championship. I hope to get it on video soon to share.

The doctor gave us the OK to start trying rice cereal, so we may give that a go over the weekend. The high chair is ready and waiting. This is another event we'll have to catch on video.

I hear Sleeping Beauty stirring so I'll have to go....time for a bottle and a walk outside!

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