Friday, January 22, 2010

Grandpa Meets Sydney

Grandpa (Danielle's dad) arrived in Arkansas to meet his granddaughter Tuesday afternoon, and will be leaving tomorrow, Saturday, to head to Florida to visit his folks. The days we've spent together have been great, and he has told several people that Sydney is the easiest baby he's ever seen. This makes mom and dad very happy ;-) We are up to 5-hour stretches of sleep at night, followed by a second stretch of 2-3 hours. We are NOT taking this for granted as we realize most new parents are not this lucky.
Today, we spent a couple of hours walking around Gulley Park; it was a beautiful 60 degrees and sunny today - not typical for January, that's for sure! We took this picture to share with Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Povar as they bought us the stroller and carseat as a baby gift. Here's your gift in action!
Tonight, we ventured out as a family for dinner at a sushi restaurant. Sydney was fast asleep the entire meal and you wouldn't have even known she was there. This was the week of new outings for our little girl! This photo was taken at home after dinner. We're now settling in to watch a movie, and will be taking Grandpa to the airport in the a.m. The next visitor, Laura, is not scheduled to arrive for two weeks, so I think we'll take the company-free time to make some visits to mommy's co-workers on campus and to visit daddy and meet his co-workers, too.


  1. Methinks Grandpa is holding little Sydney the way he holds Angel the Cat.......just can't resist rubbing that little nose...